Water Supply

The Brazos River Authority was the first agency in the country to be tasked with managing the water resources of an entire river basin. Under current adjudicated permits issued by the State of Texas, the Brazos River Authority may access 661,901 acre feet of water from the Brazos River basin annually for municipal, industrial, agricultural and mining purposes. This supply is stored within the BRA’s System of 11 reservoirs including three operated by the BRA and eight managed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. An additional 43,099 acre feet is available for use through contractual and interbasin transfer agreements for a total of 705,000 acre feet of water supply annually.

BRA’s water supply reservoirs, Possum Kingdom Lake, Lake Granbury and Lake Limestone were constructed and are owned by the Brazos River Authority. A fourth reservoir, Allens Creek, is a permitted water storage lake planned for construction in the lower portion of the Brazos basin.

The eight US Army Corps of Engineers reservoirs were built for both flood control and water supply. The BRA leases water supply storage space from the federal government in Lakes Proctor, Whitney, Aquilla, Belton, Stillhouse Hollow, Georgetown, Granger, and Somerville.

Water Transportation
Water Transportation

The BRA operates two pipeline systems to transport water from reservoir storage to areas where it is needed. The Williamson County Regional Raw Water Line links Lake Stillhouse Hollow in Bell County and Lake Georgetown in Williamson County. The East Williamson County Water Transmission Line moves water supply from Lake Granger to a potable water treatment plant.