Drought Contingency Plan


The Brazos River Authority updated its Drought Contingency Plan in 2007. Primary changes include:

  1. Removal of Lake Alan Henry from the Drought Contingency Plan (no longer under Authority control),

  2. Incorporation of updated hydrology and sedimentation conditions,

  3. Consideration of near-term projected water demands on Authority reservoirs,

  4. Update of drought stage trigger values to provide reasonable timing between implementation of the various stages, and application of a minimum content level requirement for setting Stage 3 initiation, and

  5. Employment of drought stage triggers based on combined volume, and not individual lake volume, for the Lakes Possum Kingdom-Granbury-Whitney and the Lakes Stillhouse Hollow-Georgetown reservoir systems.

Download the Plan by clicking HERE.

If you do not wish to access the plan over the internet, you may request a copy through our Public Information Officer at (254) 761-3111.


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