Lake Somerville
Economic Development Study

In response to Article 8 of Senate Bill 3, 80th Legislative Session, the Brazos River Authority (BRA) and the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) have completed a baseline study of the role of Lake Somerville in the economic development of the three-county area surrounding the lake. As part of the requirements contained in SB 3, the BRA and LCRA have jointly submitted the results of this study to the legislature.

The study was conducted over a 13-month period and involved ample public input, including the creation of a local stakeholder committee, interviews with community leaders and town-hall meetings for the general public. The report includes a baseline economic analysis of the area, a vision and strategy for future development, and most importantly, an implementation guide that focuses on local buy-in and participation.

The complete report is available for download by clicking here. For additional information, please contact the BRA at 254-761-3111 or the LCRA at 512-473-3200.


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