Local Myths and Rumors

MYTH: Why isn’t Possum Kingdom Lake a constant level lake like Lake Granbury?

ANSWER: Lake Granbury is not a constant level lake.  However, since Lake Granbury is below Possum Kingdom Lake, any discharge of water from Possum Kingdom, either for power generation or passing through of flood water, is received by Lake Granbury making it seem constant level. 

Possum Kingdom Lake is the most northerly lake on the main tributary of the Brazos River. Since Morris Sheppard Dam is the first dam on the river, the only way that Possum Kingdom Lake is filled is through rainfall and runoff in the Brazos Basin above the dam which is largely in the arid region of northwest Texas. 

MYTH: Why does Possum Kingdom Lake have to release water for people to canoe down the River?

ANSWER: Possum Kingdom Lake was built to produce hydropower, which requires releasing water from the Lake through the turbines and into the River.  The Morris Sheppard Dam hydropower electrical generating facility is considered a “peaking” plant.  This means that if there is a need in the statewide power grid for an increase in voltage, the hydro-plant is put on-line, often with only 10 minutes notice. The power grid runs low on voltage during times of peak usage of electrical power, such as in the afternoons of hot summer days.  Since the Morris Sheppard Dam hydropower electrical generating facility is called into service frequently in the summertime, water is released frequently.  Water released into the river goes directly into Lake Granbury, making it appear to be constant level since it receives this continual inflow of water, however, water is not released solely to replenish the level of Lake Granbury or to allow canoeists to have water in the River.

MYTH: Why is it easier to get approval after doing what I want to do on my lot, rather than to get approval ahead of time?

ANSWER: It’s not.  The Authority regularly inspects all Authority leased property, as well as all on-the-water facilities such as docks.  When an unpermitted improvement is noted, the owner of the improvement is notified.  If the improvement is not removed or permitted, the Authority begins to issue citations (tickets) each day until the improvement is removed.  Legal action against encroachments in the lake has also occurred in the past.  Prior approval of all improvements is required through lease contracts, and Authority regulations.



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