The Brazos River Authority Mission

The Brazos River Authority exists to develop, manage and protect the water resources of the Brazos River basin.

As a river cuts a path through the heart of Texas, it provides a water source for thousands of homes and businesses.

The Brazos River and its tributaries begin as a trickle in the west and gain momentum as the river heads south. By the time it reaches the Gulf of Mexico, the Brazos River basin has provided billions of gallons of water each year for cities, agriculture, industry and mining. Recreational opportunities - such as boating, swimming and fishing - are abundant.

The Brazos River Authority was created by the Texas Legislature in 1929 and was the first state agency in the United States created specifically for the purpose of developing and managing the water resources of an entire river basin. Today, the BRAs staff of more than 200 develop and distribute water supplies, provide water and wastewater treatment, monitor water quality, and pursue water conservation through public education programs.

Although the Brazos River Authority is an agency of the State of Texas, it does not levy or collect taxes. Except for occasional governmental grants to help pay the costs of specific projects, the BRA is entirely self-supporting; maintaining and operating reservoirs and treatment systems using revenues from the customers it serves.

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