New Lake Rules Now in Effect

New Lake Rules Now in Effect

Brazos River Authority
Brazos River Authority Board of Directors
(October 27, 2014 Board Meeting)

The following is a condensed description of the revisions to the Brazos River Authority's Regulations of Brazos River Authority Lakes and Associated Lands.

Section 4 Definitions: A definitions section was added to assist in the understanding of terms used throughout the regulations.

Section 5 General Information: The General Manager/CEO may declare restrictions on the use of BRA Lakes during an emergency.

Section 7 Watercraft: Various regulations relating to Watercraft were modified or newly adopted, including:

  • Watercraft may be moored for up to two days.
  • Accidents resulting in death or injury to a person, or in property damage in excess of $2,000 must be reported to BRA Lake Rangers within 30 days.
  • The Water Recreational User Fee was removed as a requirement to operate a watercraft at Possum Kingdom Lake. Watercraft shall not be moored longer than 15 minutes at BRA courtesy docks.

Section 8 On-Water Facilities: Various regulations relating to On-Water Facilities were modified or newly adopted, including:

  • On-Water Facilities may not be situated on the Lake without appropriate BRA approval.
  • Only one On-Water Facility per shoreline lot.
  • On-Water Facilities shall not be extended due to lake level fluctuations.
  • On-Water Facilities may include a covered sun deck.
  • On-Water Facilities may include side and back walls, but the lake-side entrance must remain open for inspection.
  • On-Water Facilities may include a storage closet to be no greater than 40 square feet.
  • On-Water Facilities may not include living quarters, kitchens, plumbing, sinks, bathing or toilet facilities.
  • BRA may further restrict On-Water Facilities if placement creates a hazard, nuisance, or otherwise impairs BRA's operations or interferes with adjacent properties.
  • Residential On-Water Facilities shall not exceed 2,000 square feet.
  • Personal watercraft may be stored on the sides of an On-Water Facility in a manner that does not create an hazard.
  • On-water Facilities may, in the sole discretion of the BRA, extend beyond 100 feet limitation if specific criteria are met.
  • Privately operated fuel/oil dispensing systems are prohibited.
  • Commercial On-Water Facilities with slips greater than 26 feet in length must provide a sewage pump-out facility.
  • The design of Commercial On-Water Facilities must be signed and sealed by a professional engineer/architect.
  • Floating habitable structures are prohibited; however, this does not include houseboats or similar watercraft designed for navigation.
  • Pre-Existing On-Water Facilities may remain in their present location and configuration until substantive repairs become necessary.

Section 9 On-Water Facilities Violations: BRA may revoke the permit for an On-Water Facility that is in violation of the regulations.

Section 13 Firearms and Hunting: Bowfishing is permitted at the Lakes in accordance with Texas Parks and Wildlife regulations.

Section 14 Prohibited Activities: Various regulations relating to prohibited activities were modified or newly adopted, including:

  • Camping at designated sites for periods greater than 10 days without written permission is prohibited. Possession or use of glass containers in public use areas, including 200 feet from the shoreline is prohibited.
  • Pets or domestic animals are only allowed on BRA trail systems if they are restrained. Additionally, persons bringing pets or animals onto BRA lands or lakes are responsible for removing any waste produced by the animal.
  • Privately owned buoys may not be placed in BRA lakes without written permission.

Section 17 Advertising, Commercial Activities and Exhibitions: Concessions are only authorized in conjunction with approved special events.

Section 21 On-site Sewage Facility (OSSF) Regulated Areas: Brazos River Authority is the designated representative for the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality OSSF Rules and Regulations at Possum Kingdom Lake and Lake Limestone. Work related to on-site sewage facility systems must be coordinated with the BRA.

Section 22 Other Permits Required: This section was added to advise the public of other permits that may be required for activities at Brazos River Authority lakes and lands.

Section 26 Deed Restrictions and Covenants: The BRA will not generally enforce deed restrictions and covenants that may exist around the lakes; however, if covenants and restrictions prohibit on-water facilities, BRA is not required to issue an on-water facility permit.

The Regulations of Brazos River Authority Lakes and Associated Lands adopted by the Board of Directors at its October 27, 2014 meeting replace and supersede prior Board Directives to include the Rules and Regulations for Governance of Brazos River Authority Lakes and Associated Lands, Possum Kingdom Shoreline Management Guides Volume I and II Residential and Commercial, in addition to Possum Kingdom Lake and Lake Granbury Boating Capacity Studies.

The Board of Directors further retained the requirement that all non-encapsulated foam at Possum Kingdom Lake must be removed by January 1, 2015. All non-encapsulated foam at Lake Granbury and Lake Limestone must be replaced upon a major repair or when existing floatation is no longer capable of supporting the structure with a minimum of 4 inches of floatation out of the water.