Ask the BRA: Reservoir Levels


The Brazos River Authority frequently receives questions regarding drought and management of the water supply stored within the system. Here is one question that has been asked on a number of occasions:

Question: Does the BRA believe that the drought is solely responsible for current lake levels?

Answer: Yes, we believe lower lake levels throughout the Brazos basin are a function of the ongoing drought, particularly in the upper stretches of the river. Regarding the drought impact, consider if you left a bucket of water out in the sun and took a glass of water out every day without replacing the water, the level of water in the bucket would naturally drop. This is essentially what is happening at many of the reservoirs which have been experiencing record low amounts of inflow over the last several years. Cities, industry, and agriculture must continue to rely on the reservoirs for water supply, particularly during times of drought when there is little or no natural flow in the rivers.