Lake Granbury - Lake Permits

The following permit applications may be downloaded onto your computer and the information entered using MS-Word. After printing the completed form, please sign both the Agreement and the Application form and submit with the required fees to the lake office as stated on the form. The application for an On-Water Facility or Residential-Use Water Permit will not be considered until the appropriate application fee has been received. ( If you prefer to print the form and hand-write the information to complete the application, please print legibly.)

The forms, fees, and proposed facility sketches (if requesting a new on-water facility) may also be delivered in person to the Lake Office during regular business hours. The staff at our Lake Office will be happy to assist you in calculating any of the required fees or answering questions regarding the application process. Construction may not begin until the permit has been approved and returned to you . To contact the Lake Office, please call 817-573-3212.

A permit for an On-Water Facility or dock provides lakeside property owners the opportunity to construct and maintain private facilities over the reservoir bed. Lake Granbury a water supply reservoir and water levels will fluctuate; therefore, an approved permit does not guarantee access to water for recreation.

A Residential-Use Water Permit allows lakeside property owners to install water pumps and pipelines to access untreated water supply from the reservoir for irrigation purposes. The permit allows for up to 5,000 gallons of water to be drawn on a monthly basis. Lake Granbury is a water supply reservoir and water levels will fluctuate; therefore, a permittee may need to modify pumping equipment in order to maintain continuous access to the water supply. Nevertheless, access is not guaranteed in all circumstances.