Lake Granbury WPP Meeting Agendas / Audio Minutes

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July 7, 2010 Meeting

Roll Call

Water Quality Standards Update

Final Draft of WPP

Revised Grant Application

Luminant Outreach Program

March 31, 2010 Meeting

Water Bodies Not Meeting State Criteria

Texas Instream Flow Program

Leon, Granger and San Gabriel Watershed Protection Plan Updates

Granbury Watershed Protection Plan Update

Lampasas Watershed Protection Plan Update

Proposed Monitoring Schedule for FY 2011

Information about reviewing the 2010 Basin Highlights Report

January 14, 2010 Meeting

Roll Call

Watershed Coordinator

Comments on Draft #2

Texas Water Development Board

Texas Department of Rural Affairs

Rural Development

U. S. Environmental Protection Agency

Natural Resource Conservation Service


November 17, 2009 Meeting

Comments on WPP Draft Report #1

Stakeholder Priorities

Discussion of Stakeholder Goals

Interim Measurable Milestones

Implementation Monitoring Plan

Implementation Responsibilities

October 14, 2009 Meeting

Final Evaluation of Management Measures

Plans for Future Meetings

September 3, 2009 Meeting

Roll Call

Water Quality Update

Investigation into Number of Lots for Selected Areas

Educational Programs Summary

Final Comments on Management Measures

Discussion of Management Measures Stakeholders Do Not Wish to Pursue

July 21, 2009 Meeting

Review of Financial Workgroup Results

Site Specific Analysis of Manageent Measures


June 23, 2009 Meeting

Roll Call

Stakeholder Responsibilities

Review of BMP Workshop Results

Types of Management Measures Analyzed

Criteria Used to Rank and Evaluate Management Measures

Site Specific Analysis of Management Measures

Items to Consider for Next Meeting

January 22, 2009 Meeting

Roll Call

Prioritazion of Sources by Area BMP Investigation (Section 1)

Prioritazion of Sources by Area BMP Investigation (Section 2)

Prioritazion of Sources by Area BMP Investigation (Section 3)

Prioritazion of Sources by Area BMP Investigation (Section 4)

BMP Modeling Run Using AMUD Sewer Expansion

Update on Educational Activities

December 3, 2008 Meeting

Source Indentification Introduction

Bacterial Source Tracking Results

Section 1

Section 2

Section 3

Section 4

Section 5

Water Quality Modeling Results

Section 1

Section 2

Section 3

Section 4

Source Identification Wrap Up

Section 1

August 7, 2008 Meeting

Roll Call

Stakeholders Membership Items

Water Quality Modeling Update

Updated Land Use Analysis

Duck Counts

Education Plan

Best Management Practices Introduction

Other Items for Discussion

February 20, 2008 Meeting

Roll Call

Water Quality Modeling Peer Review

Water Quality Modeling Update

WWTP Sampling

Oak Trail Shores Septic Project

Duck Counts, BST, Land Use and Standards Updates

TWRI Educational Activities

Golden Algae Update

Discussion on Draft Chapters

October 2, 2007 Meeting

Roll Call

Water Quality Update

Impact of Flooding

Water Quality Modeling Update

Dye - Test Trial

Educational Activities

Summer Duck Count

Progress Report

May 22, 2007 Meeting


Roll Call and Introductions

WPP Grant Goals

Water Quality Monitoring

Stakeholder Goals

BST Update

Golden Algae

February 13, 2007 Meeting

Roll Call and Introductions

Update on Data Analysis and Preliminary Model Analysis - David Harkins and Tim Osting

BST Project Update - Tiffany Morgan

Final Land-Use Presentation - Tiffany Morgan

WWTP Inspection Report - Frank Espino

Golden Algae Update - Dan Roelke

Waterfowl Investigation - Travis Hayne

Stakeholder Attendance Issue

By-Law Amendment

Other Items for Discussion - Adjourn

September 28, 2006 Meeting


Roll Call

Land-use Analysis - Tiffany Morgan

Water Quality Modeling Activities/Findings - David Harkins

Wastewater Treatment Plant Review - Frank Espino

Review of Educational Plan Development - Clint Wolfe

City of Granbury WWTP Plans - Alva Cox

Stakeholder Representation - Linda Brookins

Other Items for Discussion

March 24, 2006 Meeting

Meeting Agenda


Opening Remarks - Congressman Chet Edwards

Opening Remarks - Senator Kip Averitt

Discussion and Vote on By-Laws

What is a Stakeholder?

Discussion on Proposed New Members

Update on TWRI Projects

Water Quality Data Assessment in Texas

Lake Granbury Water Quality Review

Discussion of Monitoring Sites

Land-Use Study

Bacterial Source Tracking