System Operations Permit & Water Management Plan

Water Supply

On November 28, 2012 the Brazos River Authority submitted two documents to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) as part of its application for the proposed System Operation Permit:

  1. The proposed Water Management Plan (WMP); and
  2. The Technical Report Supporting the Proposed Water Management Plan (Technical Report).

The WMP is the regulatory document that, if approved by the TCEQ, will be included as part of the proposed System Operation Permit. The Technical Report (including various Technical Appendices) expands upon the regulatory document, providing background information that will assist the TCEQ staff in evaluating the proposed WMP.

The Water Management Plan (WMP) and Technical Report, along with the associated appendices, were revised and submitted to the TCEQ on June 12, 2013, as part of the TCEQ review process. The June 12, 2013, version of the WMP and the Technical Report were updated to incorporate the Senate Bill 3 Environmental Flow Standards that were adopted by TCEQ on February 12, 2014. The updated versions of the WMP and Technical Report incorporating the Senate Bill 3 Environmental Flow Standards were submitted to the TCEQ on May 13, 2014. The prior documents revised on June 12, 2013, have been removed and the links below provide access to the updated downloadable documents.

You may access the complete WMP documents by clicking the links below. The Technical Report is a lengthy document including six sections or chapters, 18 appendices and two accounting plans. Due to the size of the document, each section has been made available as an individual file to simplify the download process. Click on the blue section links to access each file.


Technical Report Supporting the Proposed Water Management Plan


Appendix A-1 Water Rights
Appendix A-2 Agreements and Associated Water Rights
Appendix B-1 Interruptible Water Sale Procedure
Appendix B-2 BRA Policy for Water Sale and Use / Raw Water Sale Procedure
Appendix C-1 Tabulated Projected Demands
Appendix D-1 Williamson County Regional Raw Water System Transmission and Operation Models by CDM
Appendix E-1 Drought Contingency Plan
Appendix E-2 Water Conservation Plan
Appendix F-1 BRA Operations Procedure for Controlled Releases
Appendix F-2 Reservoir Release Options Summary
Appendix G-1 Detailed Demands by River Reach
Appendix G-2 Modeling Appendix
Appendix G-3 Appropriation Model Results
Appendix G-4 Operational Modeling Results
Appendix G-5 Operating Guidelines to Manage Impacts on Fisheries from Reservoir Level Fluctuations
Appendix G-6 Hydrologic Network Relationships and High Flow Pulses
Appendix H Brazos River Authority Accounting Plans

Below are links to the Brazos River Authority application for its System Operation Permit.
Click Here for the Draft Permit 5851.
Click Here for the Permit Application.
Click Here for the Proposal for Decision.
Click Here for the Proposal for Decision Attachment A.
Click Here for the Proposal for Decision Attachment B.